The History of Women In Medicine and Law For The Cure®

Combining a group of doctors with a group of lawyers would normally cause tensions to rise. Yet, the group “Women in Medicine and Law” does just that with beneficial, philanthropic results…..and a lot of fun! The concept for this fundraiser started in 2003 when Jean Holt, MD and Pam Otto, MD, were invited to a client development luncheon in Dallas, prior to the Dallas Race for the Cure®,  sponsored by the Strasburger Law Firm where Jean Holt’s daughter, Allyson, was a firm associate at the time. It was at this meeting that Pam, a radiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center, presented “The Top 10 Reasons to Have a Mammogram”. Good humor and fun was noted as the San Antonio doctors survived in a room filled with Dallas lawyers.

      After this event, Jean and Pam felt inspired to have an event in San Antonio associated with the race but wanted to organize it as a fundraiser. At that time, there were several organizations that raised money for various charities which contained either doctors or lawyers but not in combination. Jean contacted her friend Judith Blakeway, JD at Strasburger here in San Antonio who greeted the idea enthusiastically and Women in Medicine and Law for the Cure® was born. This will be the fourteenth year for the dinner and thus far our efforts have resulted in a cumulative donation of $1,750,000 to FIND A CURE! Over the years, enthusiastic ladies have joined the steering committee and we have added a silent auction and raffle. All this has been possible from attendees, table sponsors, and supporters bidding on the silent auction items and buying raffle tickets.

     Our volunteers do everything to  organize, prepare, set-up and carry on the event that has grown beyond all our expectations.  We are proud that we are able to keep costs low while maximizing the donation to Susan G. Komen®. The event has a cost / donation ratio of below 10% which is remarkable. For the last 6 years University Health System has been our title and event sponsor. Because this fundraiser is organized for and by women lawyers and doctors, an important stipulation is that 100% of all proceeds must be allocated to breast cancer research as a part of our donation to the Susan G. Komen®. In other words, the money that we raise goes towards finding a cure for breast cancer.

     As the years go by and we continue to grow, all of us who volunteer for this noteworthy fellowship develop closer bonds and ties. Our numbers grow, and our original support stays strong. Our evening has featured speakers (both doctors and lawyers), videos, tributes and even the Pink Glove Dancers…never know what may be next!!!!! Great fun has been had with a serious message as we bring women from these two noble professions (and their friends) together for fun, food, and fellowship for a purpose.

Check out this link to a powerful testimonial to our cause